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Unser Elektro Surfbrett Shop mit Jet Board Testcenter in Berlin ist der deutsche Hotspot im Jetboarding. Wir verkaufen verschiedene Jetboards und passen unser Portfolio mehrmals im Jahr an. Bisher haben wir mehr als 30 verschiedene Jet Boards getestet und jeden Monat kommen neue dazu. Elektro Surfbrett Jetboard Sho Top 9 Best Electric Surfboards #1. Lift eFoil. The eFoil is a one-of-a-kind model. It's an electric surfboard that will you give the experience of... #2. Awake Ravik Electric Surfboard. This electric surfboard tops our list for several reasons. The design of the... #3. SUP Jet Electric Stand-Up. Bei Elektro-Surfboards und -Wakeboards gibt es zwei verschiedene Antriebstechniken: Jet-Antrieb und Propeller-Antrieb. So richtig schnell sind Sie auf E-Boards mit Jet-Antrieb unterwegs, die mit 40-55 Stundenkilometern das Tempo eines Motorboots erreichen

An electric surfboard is a board designed for gliding over the water achieving great speeds without the need of waves. It is powered by a lithium-ion battery, activating the jet when pressing on the ¨trigger. Depending on of its shape, a motorized surfboard (also called jetboard) is ideal for carving, reaching high speeds or just cruising at slow speeds Introducing OUR NEW ELECTRIC JET Surfboard The electric jet surfboard explorer is best used on flat, open bodies waters. It's perfect to go on long rides exploring the surrounding nature. It holds the perfect balance between agility and stability Elektro Jetsurf - E-Jetboard aus Tschechien Jetsurf Factory, bekannt als einer der führenden benzinbetriebenen Jetboard Hersteller, hat auf der boot 2018 ein Elektro Jetsurf vorgestellt. Das erste Elektro Jetboard von Jetsurf Factory. Das Elektro Jetsurf Surfbrett soll in Frühjahr 2018 verfügbar sein The G3 Jet is an extremely powerful and reliable water jet. It is also smart in the way that you can use the settings menu in the Radinn app, making it suitable for all kinds of riders. Big or small, beginner or pro. Try our configurator to find out what jetboard setup would suit you

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  1. But, for 2020, Jet Surf have introduced an all new electric option to its line up. Maintaining the same DNA as the rest of the Jet Surf family, the Electric model has a full carbon fibre hull made for perfect manoeuvrability and speed (and only weighs 29kg). From €10,990 jetsurf.co
  2. Based on more than 40 years water sport experience, we created the perfect drives for electro watercraft - our new water jet series. Whether the sea around the corner, the river next to your home or for holiday by the ocean -with our Jet 64 and your surfboard, waveboard or watercraft of your choice, you are ready to go anywhere, anytime, regardless of ocean and waves. Start your DIY electro.
  3. Jetsurf Gp100 Jet Surf Board 2017 top Zustand. Zum Verkauf steht ein Jetsurf GP 100 von 2017 Motor wurde über den Winter general überholt sowie... 6.900 € Versand möglich. 94315 Straubing. 01.03.2021. Jetsurf Tube jetboard. Biete hier eine nagelneue Jetsurf Tube aus meinem Store an., Die Tube ist aus meinem Showroom und... 550 € 32547 Bad Oeynhausen. 01.01.2021. MOTOJET V2 Plus - 18 PS.
  4. JETSURF ELECTRIC S model was designed to be environmentaly friendly and to keep JETSURF DNA in its riding characteristics. Great weight distribution and fast turning make this fully electric board agile craft to ride. With button on the handle, rider can boost the power and enjoy the speed from turbo effect
  5. Lampuga ist Hersteller elektrischer Surfboards der Premiumklasse. Unsere Jetboards vereinen innovatives Design und modernste Technologie und versprechen Fahrspaß auf Knopfdruck - der ultimative Kick auf dem Wasser. Die Boards sind extrem benutzerfreundlich, komplett emissionsfrei und erfüllen höchste Sicherheitsstandards
  6. High Powered Electric Propulsion. We take jet propulsion to the new era with a high strength carbon infused intake and impeller that allows speeds up to 24MPH. Go Surf. Yujet Electric Surfboards in Action! SEE MORE Customer Impressions. I've always struggled trying to wakeboard and surf, but the YuJet brings the best of both worlds and it's so easy! It only took me a few times to get the.
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  1. Motorized Surfboard, Jet-ski, Water Surfboard, Water board, Surfing Jet, Jet surf is one of the most recommended electric surfboards today. This product possesses the best engine that comes from one of the best brands in the world. The four-stroke engine that is manufactured by Histon Company is one of the best drivers for electric surfboards
  2. Our unique water Jet Surfboards are available in different colors, sizes, and styles. They are a competitive alternative to a PWC offering more portability, convenience, and fun!!! Our surfboards guarantee you more enjoyment, portability & convenience due to their lightweight and size, No trailer needed to haul your board around
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  4. utes. The best part about this board is its new dual system which lets you switch between jetboard and hydrofoil attachment, making it the first two in one solution on the market combining jetboard and efoil together as an interchangeable system. The riding.
  5. Double the fun of your surfing experience as the Aquatron Electric Jet Surfboard is designed to bring zest and zeal to any water sports contest or your much-awaited vacation by the ocean. Whether you are a new surfer or a pro, the Aquatron Jet Surfboard will help you strengthen your surfboarding skills whilst ensuring the maximum thrill for you

Ewave Electric Surfboards are engineered by a dedicated team of extreme jetboarders, all in preparation to elevate your riding experience Elektro Jet Surfboard 9.670 € Brunnerbergstrasse 63, 85354 Bayern - Freising. 17.04.2021. Anzeigennr.: 1675925130. Details. Art Wassersport; Versand Versand möglich; Beschreibung. Das Wake Up High Voltage e-Surfboard ist in Vollsichtcarbonbauweise hergestellt = exklusive Optik, geringes Gewicht. 10 KW, Topspeed über 50 km/h, Jetantrieb für Surfer mit bis zu 120kg. Ternary Lithium Batterie. Und Firma MHZ (MHZ-Powerboats.com) sollen wir auch nicht vergessen! Die haben entwickelt der Jet, welche hat Lampuga Benutzt, und Firma Onean und Rodinn haben es einfach kopiert, Lampuga jetzt auch! Firma MHZ hat auch spezielle E-Motor entwickelt und ist in Angebot auch mit Regler. Das sind die Richtige Pioniere in e-Surf! Antworten. Andreas. 23. Mai 2017 um 10:14. Die verschiedenen. Electric surfboards come in a range of shapes, sizes, and functions. The basic principle behind them is that they are independently powered by their own little battery-operated engine. This allows them to cruise along flat waters without any input from the surfer. These boards can come in the form of foils, SUPs, regular surfboards, and more The fastest & lightest motorized surfboard on the market! Create JetSurf account will provide you better information about your orders and about yout Jetsurf board and connect you to JetSurf world

China E Power Engine Wasser handwerk Elektro Jet Surf Elektro Motorisiertes Board Elektronisches Jet Boot Elektrisches Surfbrett. Sofort lieferbar. 3.599,00 $-3.999,00 $ / Einheit. 1 Einheit (Mindestbestellung) 817,60 $ /Einheit . CN Secutronic Company Limited. 3 YRS. Anbieter kontaktieren. 1/5. Beste elektrische surfbretter und efoil elektrische folie surfbrett premium hydrofoil surfbrett. RevolutionRace: http://bit.ly/RCLIFEON15COUPON CODE: RCLIFEON15YOUNGSTERS JETS: https://www.youtube.com/user/PLANEWRONG3D printer to start with: https://amzn.. GOFEY° Surfboard Elektro Surfboard Batterie Propeller 3200W 36V 6500 U/Min Surfboard Independent Suspension Propeller Weiß . 939,00 € Zxwrfgh Elektrische Wasseroberfläche Surfbrett, Elektrischer Schwimmkickboard, Intelligentes Sprint Surfboard Sellper Hilfswerkzeug. 8.000,00 € ZQYR# F2 Bodyboard Schwimmboard Board Elektrisches Surfboard Kickboard Schwimmbrett Strand Wasser Sommer Wellen. Those boards don't work on water! Unless you got power!!! Check out our review of Carver by Onean. Get ready to shred your local lakes. #noboat #noproblem..

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Radinn jetsurf jetboard electric surfboard Basecap SnapBack Merch. Hi, Ich habe hier eine fashe Radinn Kappe. Neu unbenutzt Abholung Nähe Ostkreuz oder Versand 5€ 10 € Versand möglich. 94315 Straubing. 04.04.2021. Ewave V2 Vorführgerät jetsurf jetboard. Wir verkaufen ein Vorführ Ewave des 2 mal mit einem Kunden getestet wurde . Es war Maximal 1 Stunde... 9.500 € 24837 Schleswig. 01. Aqua-Tron Electric Jet Surfboard USD $ 9,999.00. Click to enlarge. Jet Surfboard STSX. Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 4 customer ratings (4 customer reviews) USD $ 9,999.00. Add to cart. Categories: Electric Surfboard, Jet Surfboard STSX Gas, Jet Surfboards Tags: carbon fiber surfboards, electric surfboard, extreme surfing, jet surfboards, most expensive surfboards, motorized surfboard, powered. Electric Hydrofoil Surfboard We've spent over a decade developing and fine-tuning the ultimate foiling experience. Whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced thrill-seeker, into serene lakes or riding big surf, the Lift eFoil allows you to craft the adventure that's best for you with an all-electric, silent motor that glides through any body of water Elektro. Ein elektrisches Surfboard von Lampuga wird von einem leistungsstarken Lithium-Ionen-Akku angetrieben und ist daher komplett emissionsfrei. Das verhindert die Luft- und Wasserverschmutzung. Der Elektromotor der Lampuga-Boards ist zudem besonders geräuscharm und bereits in kurzer Distanz zum Ufer geräuschlos. Diese Umweltfreundlichkeit und Nachhaltigkeit der Jetboards ermöglicht. Persisting in High quality, Prompt Delivery, Aggressive Price, we have established long-term cooperation with clientele from both equally overseas and domestically and get new and old clients' higher comments for Motorized Electric Jetboard, Water Jet Surfboard, Electric Surf, Best Electric Surfboard, Now we have extensive goods source as well as price tag is our advantage

The Radinn jet board, or electric surfboard, adds a new element to discovering the water and pushes the boundaries of outdoor adventure. The Radinn product line of three customisable surfboards is radical and innovative. Combining boards, water jets and battery power, they create a new thrilling kind of surf experience like no other. KEY BENEFITS. From the fjords of Norway to the coast of. The Aquatron Electric Jet Surfboard features a unique electric-powered jet propulsion system that enables you to take control of your movements even on the most turbulent of ocean waves. Thanks, to its 10,000 Watt motor, the Aquatron Jet Surfboard is strong enough to carve the waves while offering considerable levels of stability and control over your movements. Made for the Daredevils. The. China E Power Engine Wasser handwerk Elektro Jet Surf Elektro Motorisiertes Board Elektronisches Jet Boot Elektrisches Surfbrett. Sofort lieferbar. 3.599,00 $-3.999,00 $ / Einheit. 1 Einheit (Mindestbestellung) 817,60 $ /Einheit . CN Secutronic Company Limited. 3 YRS. Anbieter kontaktieren. 1/5. Beste elektrische surfbretter und efoil elektrische folie surfbrett premium hydrofoil surfbrett. CALL US: 1-905-JET-SURF or EMAIL US: TORONTO@JETSURF.COM. JETSURF Toronto is proud to offer thrill seekers in Canada an introduction to the exhilarating world of JETSURFing! Whether you are looking to purchase a JETSURF for fun cruises on the lake, to join us and race against the best in the world in the MotoSurf World Cup or you just want to experience the boards for your special event. Turn nearly any body of water into an aquatic playground with this inflatable, jet-powered surfboard. Designed to be durable and compact, this motorized surfboard is both inflatable and foldable. Swagsurf fits easily in an apartment or the trunk of a car making it perfect for the weekend warrior lifestyle. Save time and energy while the surfboard's included electric pump automatically.

I have tried most electric surfboards available and I like the power of the Air. It is also very handy, not only for transportation, but also for getting it in and out of the water, especially from a pier or a boat. Andreas Lakeberg, e-surfer. TECHTALK. Speed. bis zu 50 km/h. Motor. 14 PS. Gewicht. ca. 55 kg (Akku ca. 27 kg) Akkulaufzeit. bis zu 45 Minuten. Ladezeit. ca. 120 Minuten. Jet board Limited offers innovative motorized surfboards. Purchase or rent an Electric Jetboard and have a unique jetboarding experience Jet Body board is a unique board because it is an electric surfboard. It comes equipped with a lithium-ion battery which you can charge. The fantastic thing about this board is that the battery power is impressive , and it can let you enjoy the waves for up to 3-5 hours

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A surfboard with the power of a jet ski! With the strength and lightweight of carbon fiber, this board has a 40 minute ride time and 24 mph top speed. This e-surfboard serves up the thrill of surfing like never seen before with a squeeze of the trigger. Features Power System: High powered electric water jet propu The fastest & lightest motorized surfboard on the market! Jetsurf. Surfboards. Petrol powered. Sport Adventure DFI Jet-Pump direct drive: Racing pump: Carbon fiber; Axial flow; single stage: Racing impeller: Carbon fiber : ENGINE. Type: 2 stroke engine MSR 50.2 HXT: Catalytic converter: No: Displacement: 90 CC: Fuel: Unleaded 95 + full synthetic 2 stroke racing oil: Top speed: 48 km/h / 30. Go further than you thought, with an Electric Surfboard. Boards & Accessories. WORLD'S FIRST DUAL PURPOSE JET BOARD . Interchangeable Jet Foil Propulsion System. Top Speed 56km/hr 2021 V2-6000 ELECTRIC SURFBOARD. 2021 V2-6000 SPECS. Length: 69in. Width: 24in. Height: 7in. Material: Carbon Fiber. Power: 10 KW . RPM: 6000. Top Speed: 56km/h. Battery Life: 30-40min. Weight: 66 lb. Voltage: 48V.

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No waves, no problem. The EWave V2 6000 electric surfboard features a powerful 10K Watt zero emission electric motor, carbon fiber construction and adjustable control cables making for an extremely fast, nimble and precise ride while still being friendly to newcomers in the sport Aquila Electric Surfboard Manufacturers, Factory, Suppliers From China, We welcome all of the purchasers and pals to contact us for mutual added benefits. Hope to do additional business enterprise along with you Im Jet board electric surfboard Test konnte unser Testsieger in allen Eigenschaften das Feld für sich entscheiden. Um Ihnen zu Hause die Produktwahl wenigstens ein klein wenig zu erleichtern, hat unser Team an Produkttestern auch noch das beste aller Produkte ausgewählt, das ohne Zweifel unter allen getesteten Jet board electric surfboard in vielen Punkten hervorragt - vor allen Dingen im.

Worlds First High-Speed Long Range Electric Jet Surfboard. When surfing comes in contact with modern technology, the result is a tremendous reward for you. That is what our Surftek Stealth Electric Surfboard does. This surfboard can be ridden on small and large bodies of water, on flat water and in waves and still proffer the acceleration and scintillating experience that you desire while. We regularly perform our spirit of ''Innovation bringing progress, Highly-quality making certain subsistence, Administration marketing benefit, Credit score attracting customers for Electric Hydrofoil Surfboards, Sports Electric Sea Surfboard, Electric Jetboard Price, Jet Propelled Bodyboard, We warmly welcome friends from all walks of life to cooperate with us

to get that adrenaline rush, you can get the action of any water sport with Torque Jet Boards™, on our electric powered surfboards. Watersports are my passion. I grew up surfing the beautiful North Coast beaches of New South Wales, spots such as Byron Bay, famous for being the easternmost point of Australia. There is an excitement in pushing the limits on the water. I have been traveling. I am Mike, the world's okayest surfer and passionate jet surfing fan and I welcome all Jet Surfing Pioneers to my new video channel: Jet Surfing Nation: Make Your Waves. The new exciting sport of jet boarding and efoiling is evolving and together, we can be on the edge of the new next-generation jet surfing technology to test electric and petrol jet boards, motorised surfboards and efoils Wholesale China powered surfboard with motor jet surf electric surfboard for surfing Zhongshan Shuiliyuan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. 4.299,00 $-4.799,00 $ / Kaste It was an electric hydrofoil board, which acts somewhat like an electric surfboard, but has a hydrofoil underneath that lifts you out of the water. It was an awesome ride, but tricky to learn as.

Motorized surfboards remove the difficulties of conventional surfboards as they can be ridden without wind or waves. There is also no need for tedious paddling, as the boards can be ridden at the touch of a button. Compared to traditional surfing, jetsurfing can be easily learned and allows the user to master the sport in a short time. This makes this water sport suitable for a large audience. ELECTRIC JET SURFBOARD- Water Sport Jetsurf Carbon Fiber 10000W . Brand New. $6,200.00. Buy It Now +$500.00 shipping. 51 watchers. Watch; S p o n s o r e d. Electric Jetsurf surfboard Esurf Efoil Jetboard carbon fiber . Brand New. $10,900.00. Buy It Now. Free shipping. 43 watchers. Watch; S p o n s o r e d. AQUA-TRON ELECTRIC JET SURFBOARD- THIS IS RATED NO 1 ELECTRIC BOARD CURRENTLY . Brand.

Swedish electric surfboard manufacturer Awake is back with the release of its newest electric surfboard model, the Awake RÄVIK_S. expand full story electric watercraft Stories December 18, 201 When there is no electricity, the product does not sink. In case of emergency, it can be used as a rescue floating board. Waterproof level IP68. ABS material, product weight 8 kg. Good gloss, impact resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, easy coating coloring, can be modified according to DIY. Permanent magnet brushless high speed propeller 36V/3200W.

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Blea Surf is raising funds for Blea Electric Surfboards - Surf Anywhere on Kickstarter! The most affordable E-surfboard without compromising performance The Onean Electric Jetboard is an electric surfboard/wakeboard that is powered by an electric motor or motors (Depending on the model) that can allow a user to be propelled across a water surface. We have three different models that we offer to purchase, the carver, carver x, and manta. Each version of the board consists of different battery, power, and motor types and was originally developed.

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Shop the Best Gear by the Best Brands. 2021 Wake Foil Surf Packages in Stock Beginner können übrigens auch auf den Knien, im Sitzen oder Liegen über die Wellen jet surfen. Lege beim Jetboard den Turbo ein und gebe dank Elektro Surfboard mit Jet-Antrieb ordentlich Gas! Leistungen. 20 bis 40 Minuten Jetsurfen auf Mallorca; Motorbootfahrt zu einer geeigneten Bucht; Ausführliche Einweisung; Lampuga Jetsurf Board ; Verfügbarkeit / Termine. Von April bis Ende Oktober zu. Durch viele Anfragen ausgelöst, entwickelten wir Jets, welche speziell auf die Bedürfnisse von z.B. Elektro-Surfbrettern ausgelegt sind. Unser Ziel ist hier die stetige Weiterentwicklung unserer Produkte sowie der Ausbau unseres Sortiments - Hand in Hand mit der aktuellen Entwicklung im Wassersport Wir sind professionelle Hersteller und Lieferanten von Surfbrettern mit Elektrostrahlantrieb in China, die darauf spezialisiert sind, qualitativ hochwertige Produkte zu wettbewerbsfähigen Preisen anzubieten. Wir heißen Sie herzlich willkommen, ein Surfbrett mit Elektro-Jet-Großhandel zu verkaufen, das hier in unserer Fabrik zum Verkauf steht

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GoJetBoard™ Inc. is the exclusive worldwide distributor for GoJetBoardPark™ Water Sports Complexes and the ParkJetBoard™ brand of Electric Jet Boards. Electric Jet Board - Jet Powered Motorized Surfboard, Jetboar The revolution is motorised No eccentric billionaire's toy garage can be classed as 'complete' without a jet board. Taking over mariners and flooding the Instagram feeds of the wealthy these motorised surfboards are rising in popularity. Choose from electric or petrol-powered crafts and slide across your chosen liquid realm at speeds matching 60 kilometres (37 miles) per hour Wave Jam electric jet boards that blast you through the water - for the ultimate adventuerer, or for rescue to reach people faster. Made by asap water crafts in the UK. PARTNERS. JET BOARDS. ABOUT. CONTACT. Buy Now. 0. Log in a new way to explore on water... blasting you across lakes, rivers or through the surf our electric jet boards will allow you to explore further on water than ever before. Jetsurf Electric Motorized Surfboard: Exclusive preview and live riding tests Testing efoil Cabratec Easygoat electric hydrofoil jetboard All Star Jet board Testing Tour v3.0 - The New Sport is Comin

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Jetson is a surfboard that includes a miniature jet which gives you a boost at the most important moments: paddling momentum to takeoff on your wave. It is a surfboard that will allow you to catch more waves than ever before! HOME. ABOUT US. SURFBOARDS. 6'8 HADDOCK; 8'0 WAHOO; 9'0 GROUPER; 10'2 RESCUE BOARD; VIDEOS. UPLOADS; VIDEOS; PARTS & SERVICE. CONTACT. FAQ. 0% FINANCING. More. 0. Li-ion. If you ever wished you could fly and catch a wave that you can't get to when paddling manually, this electric motorized surf fin is exactly what you need. Meet the Boost Fin, the next phase of man's decades-old quest to motorize surfboards I have to admit that the concept is pretty cool. GLOBO SURF SURFER electrek. Technical specifications. Weight 2.7 lb (nearly 1200g. Electric Jet Skis, Sea-Doos, and other electric PWCs are just around the corner. It appears that the personal watercrafts industry is moving towards electric power, which makes sense! Clearly, the entire world of motorsports is undergoing many changes. A new generation of youth getting involved in watersports are more worried about the global footprint being left behind and willing to buy an. Jet Surfboard Electric, Surfboard Electric, Electric Power Surfboard, Electric Surfboard For Sale, Electric Surfboard, Power Surf Board, Jet Surf Board. - Jet Surf Electric, - Jet Surf Prezzi, - Jet Surf Price Surfboard, - Jet Surf Precio, - Surf Jet Good Pric

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The electric jet-powered surfboard is made of carbon fiber that makes it incredibly light. It weighs just 20lbs with the battery removed. According to YuJet, the surfboard has a range of 16 miles and can be operated for 40 minutes on a single charge. The electric propulsion unit is not on quiet and environment-friendly, it generates enough thrust to power the surfboard to a top speed of 24mph. Jetsurf, Motorized Surfing, Jetsurfing, Watersports, Wave Riding, Moto Surfing, Leisure, Sport, Surfing, Motosurfing, Surfje The jet drive system constructed into the back of the board releases a great amount of power for the small size motor that we use. We can reach up to 11km/h at top speed which is ample speed to reach many remote locations. POWER SYSTEM . The battery pack is replaceable and rechargeable which can give you a full day on the water if desired. The small brush less motor can keep pushing the board. Surfboards are great and all, but they are unmanageable to transfer from beach to beach. We also have the Surftek Nautilus 330 is an inflatable surfboard with handlebars and a 15HP electric jet. A modern electric jet surfboard can bring riders up to 200 pounds (90 kilograms) to full planing in no time. Let's take a look at the pros and cons of motorized surfboards. Types of e-Surfboards. Today, there are currently two types of jet boards - electric surfboards and electric hydrofoils. An electric surfboard resembles a funboard or longboard and ranges in length from 7' to 9'. It is a.

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Enjoy high speed and easy control with the smartest electric surfboard ever. Our revolutionary design and outstanding performance sets new limits for electric surfboards. From lightweight carbon fiber to adaptive cruise modes, high tech components are nothing less than our standards. Enjoy high speed and easy control with the smartest electric surfboard ever. Our revolutionary design and. Jet Body Board is an electric surfboard offered by 3ccase com. Having a unique product description as an electric surfboard is fun, where you do not wait for the wave and splash into adventure with this board and nothing to work until the battery lasts. Many would like to add in a carry list on the beachside holiday plan. The jet surfboard has a history dating back to 1965. In the beginning. Be the envy of all your friends with this new fully electric, full carbon fiber, jet-powered surfboard. This board will quite literally put a jet engine beneath your feet. (yep, no kidding) Besides for making Roger down the street jealous, you can finally answer the question of what happens when you combine a surfboard with the power of a jetski! $9,999 BUY NOW JET-POWERED Pass on the gas. ABOUT ONEAN CARVER X CARVER TWIN CARVER ORIGINAL MANTA ACCESSORIES CARVER The board that started it all.Perfect for surfers under 75kg in weight. BUY NOW LIGHT WEIGHT & SURF-READY The Carver weighs the least of the range at only 16kg, making it easy to carry to the water and keeping it light enough to carve [

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Another SCAM: The K6 Jet-Powered Surfboard is advertised for 60 USD. For those who are not aware it is not possible to sell an electric surfboard for under a few thousand dollars. K6 Jet-Powered Surfboard Put down your plastic board and reimagine the waters with the K6 Jet-Powered Surfboard. The surfer can travel up to 16 miles on one single charge. In fact, it travels up to speeds of 25 mph. The jet motor runs off of a 40,000mAh battery, providing riders with 1.5-2 hours of ride time, along with up to 20mph of speed depending on the size of the electric surfboard and the weight of the person riding it. If you are used to riding your foil board and you are looking to add a new dimension of speed while on the water, the LowPriceBro Electric Surfboard is an excellent choice! Pro's. Take to the water with all the latest high tech, high output, long-range lithium-ion battery technology at your fingertips. Skip across the water on a jet e-surfboard or float above on an e-hydrofoil to experience being on the water like never before

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The Yujet electric-powered jet surfboard. YuJet. A carbon infused intake and impeller drives the YuJet at speeds of up to 24 miles/hour, or almost 40 kilometers/hour, but riders can adjust their. Verwandte Suchen: aqua marina fusion sup board sup surf board water jet motor sup fin surfboard electric. Hot Promotions in electric surfboard on aliexpress . Großartige Neuigkeiten!!! Sie sind an der richtigen Stelle für electric surfboard. Mittlerweile wissen Sie bereits, was Sie auch suchen, Sie werden es auf AliExpress sicher finden. Wir haben buchstäblich Tausende von großartigen. Jet board electric surfboard: Selektion beliebter Varianten U/Min Surfboard Independent 3200W 36V 6500. Temperatur, korrosionsbeständig, leicht zu malen, gefärbt, zu erinnern, den Elektrizität noch versinken. Gewicht 8 kg, und die Familie kämpfen. Intelligente Sicherheitssystem: Karosserie-Design, ergonomischer Griff genießen, und Freunde langsamen Modus können Erwachsenen, Kindern und. 2021 Electric surfboard Jet Surfboard Power 11000w Carbon Fiber Surfboard Newest Jetboard. $4,399.00 - $4,799.00 / Unit. 1 Unit (Min. Order) 2021 Newest Hot Sell Model E-foil Surfboard Electric Hydrofoil Surfboard Jetboard Manufacturer. $2,490.00 - $3,499.00 / Unit. 1.0 Units (Min. Order) Ready To Ship . View More. 2020 electric jet body board carbon fiber 10000W 72V 58km/h electric Surfboard. Elektrisches Jet-Surfbrett 2018 G2X von Radinn. Das elektrische Jet-Surfbrett G2X ist die zweite Generation von Elektro-Jetboards des schwedischen Herstellers Radinn. Laut Hersteller erreicht.

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We have put all our power into the best electric jet surfboard ever designed. The Aqua-Tron is a full carbon fibre jet propelled surfboard. Go Green Now Radinn creates awesome Jetboards or Electric Surfboards as many call them. Choose between three board models based on your riding style. With our patented modular system you can configure your dream ride just as you want it! # Explore Series. $6550.00 # Freeride Series. $7,750 # Carve Series. $8,950. Radinn Explore Series . Radinn Explore Electric Jetboard. $6,550.00. The Explore is Radinn's. Jet surfing is the new craze that pushes the boundaries of water sports using engineering and electronics to create a new way to ride. Surfing without waves. Perfect for dams, rivers, marinas that prohibit gas-powered boats. Jet propulsion thrusts you forward. An electric jet board that lets riders surf calm waters 'Jetfoiler' can fly over water. This surfboard uses hydrofoil, which can. Cheap Rowing Boats, Buy Quality Sports & Entertainment Directly from China Suppliers:Electric propeller SUP surfboard thrusters electric jet fins Latest patented products Marine propeller electric motor fin 2800W Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return Awake Ravik Electric Surfboard / $6,995+ Designed with speed in mind, the Awake Rävik Electric Surfboard is capable of leaving other boards in its wake. That's mostly due to its patent-pending Awake Direct Drive powertrain that avoids the power losses of traditional jet-based crafts

The Lampuga electric surfboard is powered by a 15-hp electric jet drive (Photo: C.C. Weiss/Gizmag) 11 / 18. A leash connects to the red circular panel and serves as a kill switch so the board. Worldwide, the LIFT 3 is the leading eFoil (electric hydrofoil surfboard) available on the market. Created by Lift Foils, the inventor of the eFoil Oct 27, 2019 - VeFoil - Electric Hydrofoil Board - VeFoil Flying Jet Hydrofoil Surfboard Hidrofoil Electric Surfboard,Water Scooter, Electric jet surf. US$ 394 - 410 / Unit. 1 (Min. Order) Inquire Chat View Video. 2020 sup stand up paddle board aid water swimming scooter for sale. US$ 399 - 450 / Piece. 1 (Min. Order) Inquire Chat. New Arrivals 2019 HTOMT Racing Jet Boat Jet Ski Drive Motor Surfboard for Rental Sea. US$ 399 - 450 / Piece. 1 (Min. Order) Inquire Chat. HTOMT Summer. Aqua Surf Craft is making record sales of the Aquajet Dive H2 at the start of summer 2019. Aquajet Dive H2 featured in top publications June 25, 2019. Aqua Surf Craft is proud to say that the Aquajet Dive H2 has over the past few years been. AWARD WINNING Hover Ark H3 Saving Lives in Water Rescue Robotically June 25, 2019 . The Improved Hover Ark H3-R Remote-Controlled GPS Water Rescue Buoy.

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