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Dublin Core Metadata Generator By Seolus. Details; Reviews; Installation; உதவி ; Development; விளக்கம். The plugin autogenerates the Dublin Core meta tags for all pages, posts and custom taxonomies, including Woocommerce products and categories. As a bonus, I also added the option to autogenerate Open Graph metadata, which can be turned on and off with a single click. A JavaScript/JQuery tool for working with Dublin core metadata code. - nsteffel/dublin-core-generator Generate Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI) and Australia Government Locator Service (AGLS) metadata properties. Metadata. Mandatory Title. Type the title of the page e.g. National Archives of Australia, Australian Government. Description. Type the description of the page e.g. Collecting and preserving Australian Government records that reflect our history and identity. Creator. Type the.

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Dublin Core is a set of metadata elements, 15 in all, intended to facilitate the retrieval of electronic resources. This paper discusses reasons why we would want to map two sets of metadata elements with their respective syntaxes which have in common only that they are metadata and bibliographic. Problems with the mappings are also outlined Dublin Core Metadata Element Set. Dublin Core Generator. The Dublin Core Generator is a tool for generating Dublin Core code that is easy to use, flexible with regards to adding and removing tags, and updated to the most recent Dublin Core standards. Useful Resources Metadata InfoKit. JISC Digital Media guide. Creative Commons license This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution. 2008 Proc. Int'l Conf. on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications 104 A Conceptual Framework for Metadata Quality Assessment Thomas Margaritopoulos University of Macedonia, Greece margatom@uom.gr Merkourios Margaritopoulos University of Macedonia, Greece mermar@uom.gr Ioannis Mavridis University of Macedonia, Greece mavridis@uom.gr Athanasios Manitsaris University of Macedonia, Greece manits. The Dublin Core, also known as the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set, is a set of fifteen core elements (properties) for describing resources. This fifteen-element Dublin Core has been formally standardized as ISO 15836, ANSI/NISO Z39.85, and IETF RFC 5013

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Metadata should be generated in a format commonly used by the most relevant science community, such as Darwin Core, Ecological Metadata Language, or Dublin Core. Metadata editing tools exist to facilitate metadata generation (e.g. Metavist, [83] Mercury , Morpho [84] ) Download Dublin Core Meta Toolkit for free. The Dublin Core Meta Toolkit transforms data collected via different methods into Dublin Core compatible meta data. The Toolkit is ideal for converting formats from Microsoft Access, MySQL and comma delimited value (CSV) You can generate your website's DC metadata using the online Dublin Core Metadata Generator. Using Dublin core is a best practice to improve the description of your website but you must remember that there is no proof as to whether having Dublin Core metadata directly affects search rankings or not. You can, however, track the SEO positioning of your site before and after including this. Search WordPress.org for: Submit Toggle Menu. Showcase; Learn; Themes; Plugins; Mobile; Support. Get Involved. Five for the Futur The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative is a set of online metadata standards for a broad range of purposes, including semantic tagging to help search engines match requests with relevant results

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At the generate METS micro-service, Archivematica parses the metadata in metadata.csv to the METS file, as follows: All Dublin Core elements are used to generate a dmdSec for each directory or file with MDTYPE=DC All non-Dublin Core elements are used to generate a dmdSec for each directory or file with MDTYPE=OTHER OTHERMDTYPE=CUSTOM The dmdSecs are linked to their directories or files. Ez a generátor a Dublin Core alapját jelentő 15-féle adatelem leírását teszi lehetővé. Az alábbi űrlap kitöltésével Dublin Core metaadatokat készíthetünk a digitális dokumentumainkhoz, majd bemásolhatjuk őket a HTML fájlok fejlécébe, vagy elmenthetjük XML formátumban a dokumentum mellé SobekCM. Description: SobekCM allows users to discover online resources via semantic and full-text searches, as well as a variety of different browse mechanisms. For each digital resource in the repository there are a plethora of display options, which may be selected by an appropriately authenticated use

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  1. The dublin core generator is an online tool that you can use to generate fully-formed Dublin Core metadata code. Dublin Core Element Set The Simple Dublin Core Metadata Element Set is a set of 15 vocabulary terms that can be used to describe resources. It is a standard for cross-domain resource description: ANSI/ NISO Z39.85-2012. Each element is optional, and can be repeated. The elements are.
  2. Using DT PixelFlow we are able to generate spreadsheets containing this information in multiple formats, including Dublin Core, based on client preference in order to facilitate data retrieval and storage in accordance with their own institution's Digital Asset Management System (DAMS) or collection information storage/organization type. Mapping information from the IPTC metadata fields to.
  3. Dublin Core [4]. The basic standard conform set of metadata is enriched by adding tool dependent metadata like the used plug-ins which indicate a domain context of the activity, e.g. the use of the stochastics plug-in would indicate a probability theory activity in a math course. Thus the usage within an educational context is possible as well as in the specific group of Cool Modes users.
  4. International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications to Berlin, Germany. For DCMI, it is also a return to Germany, as we came to Frankfurt in 1999 for one of the last invitational workshops, before the conference cycle began in 2001. A lot has happened since then, most notably the establishment of the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set as ISO standard 15836. Important steps since.
  5. Dublin Core has a set of elements to describe resources (for example, author, date created, format), but a key element is modularity: applications can devise their own elements and vocabularies to plug right in. It's also crucial that as much as possible (element names and value vocabularies) be named with URIs to avoid ambiguities. One large user of RDF metadata is Adobe, creator of the PDF.
  6. Part 4 of tutorials at DC2008, Berlin. (International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications). See also part 1-3 by Jane Greenberg, Pete Johnston

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  1. GEMCat is a full-featured, Dublin Core-based metadata generator/editor that is fully configurable from registry-based schemas based on Resource Description Framework (RDF). The tool is Java-based and fully configurable from RDF schemas. File Name: GemCat4libraries.zip ; Author: sasutton; License: Freeware (Free) File Size: 4.9 Mb; Runs on: Linux. Metaphile v.0.3.1. Metaphile is a Java library.
  2. Corpus ID: 29921081. Application of the Dublin Core format for automatic metadata generation and extraction @inproceedings{Hernndez2005ApplicationOT, title={Application of the Dublin Core format for automatic metadata generation and extraction}, author={E. G. Hern{\'a}ndez and J. Piulachs}, booktitle={Dublin Core Conference}, year={2005}
  3. The results indicate that authors can create good quality metadata when working with the Dublin Core, and in some cases they may be able to create metadata that is of better quality than a metadata professional can produce. This research suggests that authors think metadata is valuable for resource discovery, that it should be created for Web resources, and that they, as authors, should be.
  4. Dublin Core Metatag Generators UKOLN's DC-dot Nordic DC metadata creator Metadata Related Tools DONOR WP2 Metadata Generator: Functionality of metadata generators Comparison of DC Metadata generators. Metatag Evaluators Submit Corner: META Scanner This tool will scans the metatags of a page and makes suggestions on how to optimize them. Meta Medic Checks for invalid tags and offers advice.

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The Dublin Core The Dublin Core 's purpose is to enable searching in a more sophisticated manner than mere free-text indexing and search engines can support, without requiring professional cataloguing effort to be invested. In the home-page's own words: it specifies a simple resource description record that has the potential to provide a foundation for electronic bibliographic description. Free Meta Tag Generator. Use this handy online wizard and copy & paste the meta tags into the HTML of the source of your index page. After adding the meta tags to your page, check if the meta tags are correct by using the Website Analyzer. No need to create metatags with the metatags generator if you use a CMS system Dublin Core Metadata Generator (3 total rating) A very lightweight plugin that adds the Dublin Core metadata to your WP website. Seolus 2.000+ instalasi aktif Teruji dengan 5.4.6 Diperbarui 1 tahun yang lalu WP Term Colors (4 total rating) Pretty colors for categories, tags, and other taxonomy terms . John James Jacoby 1.000+ instalasi aktif Teruji dengan 4.4.25 Diperbarui 5 tahun yang lalu WP. General Resources and Indices. Metadata is data about data. The term refers to any data used to aid the identification, description and location of networked electronic resources

DISL: ISO Metadata Generator Index Welcome to DISL Data Management's ISO Metadata Generator! Step One: Organize Your Data Before you can describe your dataset, first you must organize it in a clear, concise manner that will be easy to read and understand by scientists unfamiliar with your work. How would you organize it if someone in Alaska needed a presentable copy of your data? Will they. Since then, the Dublin Core Metadata initiative (DCMI) has published a form-alization of the Dublin Core metadata model called the DCMI Abstract Model (Powell et al, 2007), which provides the necessary foundation for a formalization of application profiles that lends itself to machine processing. This paper describes a proposed formalization of the notion of Applications Profiles as used in. Dublin Core Metadata Generator (3 valutazioni totali) A very lightweight plugin that adds the Dublin Core metadata to your WP website. Seolus 2.000+ installazioni attive Dichiarato testato dall'autore fino alla versione di WordPress 5.4.6 Aggiornato 12 mesi fa Dublin Core Metadata (3 valutazioni totali) Allows a user to add dublin core metadata (of their choice) to a wordpress post. Pgogy 700. We define application profiles as schemas which consist of data elements drawn from one or more namespaces, combined together by implementors, and optimised for a particular local application.The experience of implementors is critical to effective metadata management, and this paper tries to look at the way the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set (and other metadata standards) are used in the.

Dublin Core Metadata Generator (3 wszystkich ocen) A very lightweight plugin that adds the Dublin Core metadata to your WP website. Seolus 2 000+ aktywnych instalacji Testowana z 5.4.5 Ostatnio aktualizowana 12 miesięcy Dublin Core Metadata (3 wszystkich ocen) Allows a user to add dublin core metadata (of their choice) to a wordpress post. Pgogy 700+ aktywnych instalacji Testowana z 5.2.10. The Dublin Core (named for Dublin, Ohio, where the first workshop in the effort was held) has established suggestions for metadata about online resources. More information. Sites 7 Sorted by Review Date Sorted Alphabetically. Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI) Organization dedicated to promoting the widespread adoption of interoperable metadata standards and developing specialized metadata. Storia. Il progetto del Dublin Core (nome completo: Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, in acronimo DCMI) si è sviluppato in ambito OCLC (On line Computer Library Center), la grande rete di servizi americana per le biblioteche.Nel marzo 1995 si è tenuta una conferenza nella città americana di Dublin (Ohio), alla quale i partecipanti - bibliotecari, archivisti, editori, ricercatori e. On the Metadata Configuration List page (Configuration Menu > Resources > Catag > Metadata Configuration), select the link (such as MARC 21 Bibliographic) for the profile you want to edit.The Profile Details page appears. For fixed fields that offer a form in the MD editor for catag, enable Force Form Editing to require the use of the form for catag As a valued partner and proud supporter of MetaCPAN, StickerYou is happy to offer a 10% discount on all Custom Stickers, Business Labels, Roll Labels, Vinyl Lettering or Custom Decals. StickerYou.com is your one-stop shop to make your business stick. Use code METACPAN10 at checkout to apply your discount

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The OAI approach to metadata harvesting exemplifies the notion of metadata modularization, mandating simple Dublin Core metadata for cross-community interoperability while supporting, in parallel, community-specific metadata for drill-down searching within domains. The manner in which these parallel modules are used, their relative costs, and their relative functionality will become clearer. Dublin Core Metadata Generator (3 total de valoraciones) A very lightweight plugin that adds the Dublin Core metadata to your WP website. Seolus 2.000+ instalaciones activas Probado con 5.4.6 Actualizado hace 12 meses WP Term Colors (4 total de valoraciones) Pretty colors for categories, tags, and other taxonomy terms. John James Jacoby 1.000+ instalaciones activas Probado con 4.4.25. Dynamic Generation of Intelligent Multimedia Presentations through Semantic Inferencing. Save to Library. Download. by Jane Hunter • 8 . Multimedia, Metadata, Semantic Web, Semantic relations; The Application of Metadata Standards to Video Indexing. Abstract. This paper first outlines a multi-level video indexing approach based on Dublin Core extensions and the Resource Description Framework. Metadata Generation: Processes, People and Tools by Jane Greenberg etadata generation is the act of creating or pro- Jane Greenberg is ducing metadata. Generating good quality assistant professor, metadata in an efficient manner is essential for orga- school of nizing and making accessible the growing number Information and of rich resources available on the Web. The suc- Libran' Science, cess.

Other syntaxes were also explored, including an interesting proposal to embed Dublin Core metadata within a PICS-NG (the Next Generation of the Platform for Internet Content Selection format) header, but these may be even further off than the W3C-compliant syntax. Future Ariadne articles will discuss these options in more detail, and keep readers up to date with developments as and when they. Because Dublin Core metadata is based on a standard developed by an open organization, embedding Dublin Core metadata in every web page is, in my opinion, a best practice. After briefly discussing the pros and cons of using Dublin Core, this page shows you how to embed DC metadata elements in XML, XHTML, and HTML pages

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Dublin Core Metadata Generator Allows a user to add dublin core metadata (of their choice) to a wordpress post. Pgogy 700+ активных установок Протестирован с 5.2.9 Обновлен 2 года назад WordPress Publication Repository (1 общий рейтинг) It allows to manage a publication repository and exposes metadata in order to be indexed. L'esquema de dades de Dublin Core és un sistema basat en aquests dos nivells de descripció: un primer de 15 elements substantius (Dublin Core Metadata Element Set, Version 1.1), i un segon nivell basat en adjectius (Qualificadors Dublin Core). Ambdós esquemes són mantinguts i actualitzats pel Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, però cada un d'ells té unes funcions i uns atributs específics Application of the Dublin Core format for automatic metadata generation and extraction. Share on. Authors: Ernesto Giralt Hernández. View Profile, Joan Marc Piulachs. View Profile. Authors Info & Affiliations ; Publication: DCMI '05: Proceedings of the 2005 international conference on Dublin Core and metadata applications: vocabularies in practice September 2005 Article No.: 24.

Server-side automatic metadata generation using qualified Dublin Core and RDF Abstract: The paper proposes a technique for automatically generating Qualified Dublin Core metadata (Weibel, 2000) on a Web server using a Java Servlet. The metadata is structured using the Resource Description Framework (RDF) and expressed in eXtensible Markup Language (XML). The descriptions cover ten of the. dublincoregenerator.com is a free and easy to use set of online tools for generating XML or HTML Dublin Core metadata code.This site has a simple and advanced generator Dublin Core metadata using the Resource Description Framework. Customization to support new standards and metadata profiles Customization of the tool to support new standards and metadata profiles according to user needs. Examples: Plan Nacional de Ortofotografía Aerea (PNOA) ¾National Plan for Aerial Ortophotography Sistema de Información de Ocupación del Suelo En España (SIOSE. Dublin Core Meta tags; Dublin Core using RDFa; Atom with RDFa ; I'm just trying to make it easy for people to get data off my site. The nice thing about standards is that there are so many of them to choose from. Which one do you think I should use? metadata rdf atom-feed rdfa dublin-core. Share. Follow edited May 7 '17 at 14:20. Dan Lowe. 37k 15 15 gold badges 102 102 silver badges 97 97.

Dublin Core Records For ThML Documents. The Dublin Core is a list of 15 bibliographic elements for representing metadata about a document: title, creator, publisher, etc. DC is used commonly on the internet, and support seems to be growing. You can learn more on the Dublin Core Page. The Dublin Core is used to store most bibliographic information in ThML documents, and preparing a DC record is. Dublin Core. The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative provides a 15-element set for describing a wide range of resources. While the Dublin Core favors document-like objects (because traditional text resources are fairly well understood) (Hillman 2001), it has been tested against moving-image resources and found to be generally adequate (Green 1997). The Dublin Core is also extensible, and has. HI, WP File Download eklentisinin Dublincore Metadata Generator https://wordpress.org/plugins/dublin-core-metadata-generator/ veya başka biriyle uyumlu olup. Metadata edition in conformance with the Dublin Core metadata standard (ISO 15836). Automatic metadata generation for some data file formats: Shapefile, DGN, ECW, FICC, GeoTiff, GIF/GFW, JPG/JGW, PNG/PGW. Automatic metadata generation for spatial series. CatMDEdit allows the automatic creation of metadata for collections of related resources, in particular spatial series arisen as a result.

The IHSN Metadata Editor, also known as the Nesstar Publisher, is a feature-rich editor for the preparation of metadata and data for publishing in an online catalog, such as the IHSN-developed National Data Archive (NADA).The metadata produced by the Editor is compliant with the Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) 2.n and the Dublin Core XML metadata standards This research explores the capabilities of two Dublin Core automatic metadata generation applications, Klarity and DC-dot. The top level Web page for each resource, from a sample of 29 resources obtained from National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), was submitted to both generators. Results indicate that extraction processing algorithms can contribute to useful automatic. Metadata, Schema, Dublin Core, P-META, Tech 3293, Radio, Television, Archive ; 1. Scope ; Metadata is essential to broadcasting. The EBUCore set of metadata defined in this specification has been identified as being the minimum information needed to describe radio and television content. Content Creators ; Archives ; Content Distributors Consumers B2B B2C Figure 1: Archiving - a core.

Dublin Core Metadata Initiative Publishes DCMI Abstract Model (Cover Pages, March 2005) Metadata Object Description Schema (MODS) The Dublin Core Generator: A tool for generating Dublin Core cod Templates for various kinds of records can be created and used to automatically generate metadata for Dublin Core fields. map the descriptions to Dublin Core elements and write a script to generate the Dublin Core elements automatically. Encode some metadata, particularly structural metadata, in filenames and write a script to create metadata based on the filenames. Use untrained staff to. 4-Standards of documentation the statistical survey: (DCMI) Dublin core metadata initiative - (DDI)data documentation initiative. We can use this tool to generate user-friendly outputs, such as CDS, websites, for dissemination and archiving • The Explorer We can use this tool: - For viewing metadata - For re-exporting data to various formats 2.2 Benefits of using toolkit We. Recommended best practice is to use a controlled vocabulary' (Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, 2006). The Dublin Core standard does not explain what a topic is, how to analyse subjects for a resource, or how to describe a topic or subject. It may be easy to find topics from text-based resources such as a website, an online article, or an e-book, but it will be difficult to analyse topics.

Next Generation Metadata Specialist Program. The DC-2014 Next Generation Opportunity. In collaboration with our host, the Texas Digital Library, DCMI seeks to increase the participation of graduate students (particularly masters in professional programs) and early career professionals in the Conference and Annual Meeting activities by having their schools and employing institutions sponsor. 5.Metadata creation and management tools 5.1 Review of metadata descriptions (back to section II)5.2 Using templates to generate a metadata record. Note: This sub-section is for exercise of generating a metadata record using Dublin Core or FOAF

e.g., Dublin Core Metadata Element Set (DCMES) 2. Standards and Guides for data content created to guide the practices of metadata generation e.g., AACR2, DACS, CCO, Using DC 3. Standards for data values value encoding schemes (link to list) e.g., DCMI Type Vocabulary | RFC 4646 Tags for Identifying Languages | AAT | LCSH 4. Standards for data exchange may be separately designed or bound. Furthermore, it allows the author to generate metadata tags for the 15 elements that the Dublin Core considers as core elements in the description of a document. This paper describes the use of this tool in the cataloguing of Web and non-Web medical documents, such as images, movie, and sound files. Original language: English (US) Pages (from-to) 648-652: Number of pages: 5: Journal. The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative is an open organization engaged in the development of interoperable meta data standards that support a broad range of purposes and business models.. Does Google Search Engine reads Dublin core? Google do not (currently) read DC metadata. They're indexing HTML pages, and expect to find normal HTML metas Lecture on XML metadata standards, including Dublin Core, METS, MODS, EAD, PREMIS, and ONIX with demonstrations of OAI-PMH metadata harvesting. Reference . Understanding Metadata by Jenn Riley (2017) Definitive metadata primer recently published by the National Information Standards Organization (NISO). Glossary of Metadata Standards by Jenn Riley (2010) Glossary of metadata standards in. 1 Inna Gogina INFO 281. Seminar in Contemporary Issues - Topic: Metadata Exercise 1: Dublin Core February 16, 2016 Create Dublin Code records 5 items that are close at hand and convenient, e.g., books, DVDs, etc.—usin

The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative began as a hall conversation at the Second International World Wide Web Conference in October 1994 -- the year when the Internet first made the cover of popular magazines. The number of Web pages was doubling every few weeks, and it was becoming harder to find anything, even with new full-text indexing services such as Lycos. Many people agreed that the Web. Currently recommended by the Collaborative Digitization Project Dublin Core Metadata Best Practices guide for use only 'in describing maps, globes, and cartographic resources or when place or time period cannot be adequately expressed using the Subject element.' Coverage spatial refers to the extent or scope of the content of the resource ( e.g., place shown on a map or in a.

It starts with the Dublin Core consensus and distills out a subset of four semantic buckets − a metadata kernel − that balances the needs for adequate identification of persistent objects and for low cost metadata generation. To minimize the burden of creating, understanding, and manipulating data in those buckets, a very simple record format has been designed, called an Electronic. namespaces such as Dublin Core. This document also provides details needed to implement a metadata manipulation system such as the XMP Toolkit (which is available from Adobe®). • Part 2, Additional Properties, provides detailed property lists and descriptions for standard XMP metadata namespaces beyond the core properties; these include special-purpose namespaces for Adobe applications such. Exposing bibliographic metadata through an open standard is very powerful (and also benefits non-Zotero users!). However, if you have little control over the way your website is built, you may have to create a Zotero web translator for Zotero-compatibility. Translators have some downsides: apart from the fact that they are a Zotero-specific solution, translators can break easily if the. It has been designed by reviewing in total 23 standard existing metadata vocabularies (e.g., Dublin Core, OMV, DCAT, VoID) and selecting relevant properties for describing ontologies. Then, we studied metadata usage analytics within ontologies and ontology repositories. MOD 1.2 proposes in total 88 properties to serve both as (i) a vocabulary to be used by ontology developers to annotate and.

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Metadata is an open source, very powerful, advanced, modern and user friendly SEO Component, that allows you to organize, edit and maintain any kind of metadata on your site. Fully compatible with Joomla 4 - Open Source Extension for the Joomla CMS related. The list of abbreviations related to DCAM - Dublin Core Abstract Mode Remember, with Dublin Core Metadata Gen, you can generate easily Microformats Dublin Core.. So that it's useful the microformats Dublin Core? The microformats Dublin Core have general intentions. They coul be useful for too many scopes (like the elements of the DCMI Metadata Terms).But it's specially good for the description of books, articles, papers, magazines,.. Allgemein. Die Metadaten werden im Kopf-Bereich eines HTML-Dokuments, also im head-Element, notiert.. Es existieren verschiedene Metadaten-Schemata, teils von Institutionen oder Gremien erarbeitet (zum Beispiel Dublin Core), teils aber auch wild gewachsene Arten wie Einträge der Erzeuger-Software (zum Beispiel Hersteller und Version). Die wenigsten dieser Metainformationen werden von User.

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Dublin Core ist kein Format. Es ist eine Liste von 15 Datenelementen, die für die Beschreibung von Dokumenten aller Art (allgemein: Ressourcen) für wichtig gehalten werden, mehr nicht. Solche Beschreibungen werden als Metadaten bezeichnet, und Dublin Core gilt als internationaler Standard dafür. DC-Metadaten werden typischerweise direkt in den Kopf von HTML-Dokumenten eingebettet, quasi. will generate, process, or manage files containing XMP metadata. Such developers may use either the XMP Toolkit provided by Adobe, or independent implementations. Previously-defined formats (native formats) for still-image metadata, such as EXIF and IPTC/TIFF, represent information that is also represented by properties defined in standard XMP schemas. For information on how to reconcile. DC-5. Weibel, Stuart and Hakela, Juha. DC-5: The Helsinki Metadata Workshop: A Report on the Workshop and Subsequent Developments Official report of the Helsinki DC Meeting

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The list of Metadata abbreviations in Core The metadata rendering is only started by the p_get_metadata() and p_set_metadata().This differs from the xhtml renderer. The wikipage parsing process has two stages: generation of the instructions by the Handler and next the generation of xhtml output with these instructions as input. As all Renderers the metadata renderer uses the same instructions as input The simple dublin core generator! University of mississippi users' guide for dublin core metadata. Working with dublin core omeka classic user manual. Dcmi: guidelines for implementing dublin core in xml. Qualified dublin core citation example | lii / legal information institute. Dublin core wikipedia. The dutch art & architecture thesaurus put into practice: the. Rdf site summary 1. 0 modules. Metadaten-Export BibTeX CSL JSON MARC21 XML Open Packaging Format XML MODS EndNote Multiline CSV OpenURL ContextObject in Span HTML Citation Dublin Core Extended for FP7 projects Dublin Core SFX ASCII Citation Simple Metadata DIDL Dublin Core JSON Reference Manager EP3 XM

Standards for e-learning Authored by the QUIS team. Contact authors: A. M. Bianco, adewhite@inwind.it M. De Marsico, demarsico@di.uniroma1.it M. Temperini, marte@dis. Metadata is data about data. That is: if an eBook is considered to be data then the information describing the book would be metadata. It is very important that this data be identified separately with keywords so that it can be used by library software to describe the eBook and by retailers to identify the contents

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